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Oct 10, 2018

This episode of the End of Trauma introduces the idea that to be sustainable in right action, our biology needs specific support. Have you tried just about everything? Tired of all the things you’ve been told you have to do to feel better ? Here’s an idea straight from biology— the best support is here and now: simple human pleasure. If we are to face the headwinds of a host of institutional ills and injustices, our empowerment must be rooted in how our biology wants to function. The End of Trauma offers a new vision of social engagement— that our action in the world can be fueled by a biology that has returned to its origins in states of curiosity, exploration and outright joy. These are our birthrights as humans. E.O. Wilson calls our nature, “biophilia" — we are lovers of life. Yet we are too often straying from the path of compassion because of lasting wounds not only in our emotions, but mostly in our nervous system. OI teaches how these wounds are not scars for a lifetime, but rather simple conditioning — learnings that are to be unlearned. It will take some time, and yes, hard work. But, the deceptively simple trajectory of the work is this: the job is enjoyment. Let’s build from the ideas of “The Strange Attractor of Trauma” podcast last week, and give ourselves a break from the “What’s Wrong Attention” and the negativity bias. Find out how we can easefully land again in our nature of compassion, and love of nature. New energy reserves for responsible and sustainable living await you.