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Jan 30, 2019

In this episode of the End of Trauma podcast, we talk about hope and hopefulness. The OI understanding of hopelessness is related to the current conditions of what I've named as the “Age of Disintegration”.  Society’s disintegration shows up when people feel like what they say and do will not make a difference. This hopelessness and helplessness is more potent when it is associated with biological states of immobility, or “the freezy business”.  OI helps resolve these states, with the resulting freedom of natural being. This natural being then gives rise to states of hopefulness— not based in thoughts about the world around, or thoughts of the future. Instead, hopefulness becomes constant because it reflects our natural state of well-being, and openness to sharing compassion. We also preview a self-help program of resilience based in Organic Intelligence®, the End of Trauma Course.

Learn how to apply Organic Intelligence® with the End of Trauma Course. Registration opens January 30 at, or check the OI Homepage at